Foam Magazine Print Feature DIY

April 9, 2012 in DIY, doilies, dream catchers, nature, reuse by rachaelrice

Lahaina Aloha

Lahaina Aloha: A Mermaid Catcher!

Foam Magazine ran a feature about my work in their print magazine and asked me to make a little video to accompany their online DIY article. Great excuse to learn how to use iMovie on my iPhone!

Music by Kevin Macneil Brown:

Here’s a shot of the magazine with the article.

FOAM Magazine Feature

Sea Dreamer feature in Foam Magazine

I made two pieces for the feature — one is called Lahaina Aloha (after a Beach Boys song) which features a huge doily center and salvaged hula grass from SCRAP PDX. It also has hand-felted jellyfish from my mermaid-in-arms Suki Kapinao of Suki Healing Arts. Her stuff is super fun and you can see it on her Etsy shop:

Lahaina Alohoa Dreamcatcher Detail

with Suki's jellyfish!

With sand from Canon Beach, Oregon, The Great Salt Lake, Utah, and Bellows Beach, Hawaii

Lahaina Aloha detailThe other piece I made is called “Little Surfer” and I got a lot of the materials at the hardware store…chain…paint samples…neon nylon…

so easy!

Thanks Foam!

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Free People Catch A Dream DIY Event!

December 7, 2011 in art, craft, DIY, doilies, dream catchers, fashion, feathers, holiday, Portland Oregon, sculpture by rachaelrice

The DIY dream catcher event at Free People Portland was totes amazeballs (lol)! It was featured on their corporate blog, and lots of people came out to get their craft on. My inner art teacher was so excited to share my creative pursuits! And the pieces that people made were unbelievably beautiful. Plus, we had Maple Butterscotch cake with EDIBLE GLITTER (!!!) from Cake & Mukti (check out her blog The Yoga of Cake), and supplies donated by Relica Vintage. I hope I get to do it again! Valentine’s….?

Free People blog screenshot

from the FP blog

FP Event Poster
Interior Portland Store shot


Best. Cake. EVER.

FP Crafty Girl!

gettin crafty!


cake goddess!

Samantha Cullen from Cake & Mukti

Samantha Cullen shows off her piece

store window

exterior shot of the store window with raffle piece

Epic Dream Catcher Raffle at Free People Portland!

December 7, 2011 in art, craft, doilies, dream catchers, feathers, holiday, Portland Oregon, reuse by rachaelrice

I made a huge-normous dream catcher to be raffled off at the Free People Portland store as part of an upcoming DIY event on December 2nd.  I also made a smaller one, so there are two chances to win! Raffle tickets are $5 at the store and some of the proceeds will benefit Adopt-a-Family Portland. The drawing will be held on Dec. 15th via Facebook.

This piece took about 3 days to complete and features vintage metal fringe, a detachable fox tail fur charm, earrings from fortune cookie fortunes and vintage lace, with a huge vintage doily behind a hand-woven “web” with vintage button “spider”. There’s also a plastic water bottle feather garland, which was featured on the Free People blog!  You can see tons of photos here on my Flickr.

dream catcher for Portland Free People store

the beast! it's over 6 feet tall!


detail of the large piece at Free People

detail of the large piece at Free People

fox tail charm detail

this piece features a detachable fox tail charm!

lace & fortune cookie earrings

on either side of the piece hang earrings featuring fortune cookie fortunes and vintage lace!

FP Dream Catcher

The second one I made is MUCH smaller, but no less charming! It features vintage trims and gold painted feathers.

two dream catchers for raffle

here are the two raffle prizes!

raffle prize #2!

raffle prize #2!

pic of me and the beast!

pic of me and the beast!

Oregon Public Broadcasting feature

November 13, 2011 in art, doilies, dream catchers, Portland by rachaelrice

I can’t believe the Day of the Dead show will be down in another week!  It’s going to be 2012 in like 10 minutes!!  But it got a nice write up on Nice going Stephanie Brockway for curating this show.

Slide show image of Nightmare Catcher

Screen shot slide show image of Nightmare Catcher

Screenshot of the article

Screenshot of the article

Nightmare Catcher

Nightmare Catcher

Nightmare Catcher Detail

Nightmare Catcher Detail

rachael rice on free people blog

May 25, 2011 in craft, doilies, dream catchers, feathers, jewelry, nature, necklace, sculpture by rachaelrice

rachael rice on freepeople blog

sweeeet.  got a guest artist spot over on the always-inspiring free people blog.

i love sharing how to make stuff.

here’s a basic way to make a little dream catcher. riffing on the round object with danglies (found in every culture) i’ve been (finally) finding uses for my slightly embarrassing doily collection.

also featured here are diy doily crystal necklaces. my friend heather treasure cautions mindfulness about sourcing quartz and other crystals, and recommends arkansas crystal works.

free people diy blog post

from the building 25 free people blog

sculptures by rachael rice

dream eyes & god catchers

large object outdoors

object with vintage trims and detail view


start here

step 1 & 2

start here. i used a bangle. tie string, loop around.

keep looping around, and when you get to the beginning...

keep looping around, and when you get to the beginning...


catch the loops and weave the string through each one. back to front or front to back, it doesn't matter as long as you are consistent

final product

keep spiraling in until it gets too small to work with. add a bead and tie off. add feathers, etc. and you're done!

doily art
object with doilies and painted feathers



pastels or crayons, watercolors, collage elements



painted feathers

draw with pastel or crayon, add collage elements, and paint over.



feather detail

cut out, draw designs with markers. i like sharpie paint pens.



finished product, and "dark star"

finished product, and "dark star"



doily, lace & quartz necklaces

doily, lace & quartz necklaces



necklace detail

wrapped in wire, held by a piece of vintage lace



quartz necklaces

quartz necklaces & lace



the piece i sent to julia at fp

the piece i sent to julia at fp

holiday bath salts

December 20, 2010 in craft, doilies, holiday by rachaelrice

i’ve been making bath salts for friends for several years now, and it’s always at the last minute before the holidays in december.  i get like five pounds of epsom salts and stand in my kitchen and bathroom scanning for random herbs and essential oils i can throw together for gifts.

this year i scrounged around and found some dried clementine peels (god knows why i was keeping those), some “panic button” essential oil (lavender, petitgrain, neroli, tangerine, rose), some coriander seeds and some cardamom pods.  i put the dry materials in the coffee grinder and mixed them with the salt.  some glitter for good measure.

covered the jars with some paper and glued some lace and cut up doilies on the side, ET VOILA.   done!

bath salts

bath salts

bath salts up close

bath salts up close

more bath salts

more bath salts

“dream eyes & god catchers” art show with kate sprout

October 12, 2010 in art, craft, decor, doilies, dream catchers, fashion, feathers, interior design, leather, music, photography, print, sculpture by rachaelrice

Montpelier Art Walk event, sponsored by Montpelier Alive:

sculptural, large-scale dream catcher installation from montpelier’s favorite sister act duo at salaam boutique in montpelier, vermont.  big, reverent, and re-imagined interpretations of this native cultural symbol through the lens of modern bohemia.  show also showcases photography by both artists, all prints are $5.

opening reception friday october 15th 4-8pm with special live performance by LITTLE ENGINE, my new duo project also featuring kate sprout.  free LITTLE ENGINE download here on our bandcamp profile.
more about kate can be found here:

and here:

art show

hand bill

some photos of the works:

white object

white object detail

white object detail

see more photos of the art here on my flickr:

adrenaline doily buddha

August 2, 2010 in art, buddhism, craft, doilies, feathers by rachaelrice

i’ve been kind of obsessed with doilies. i recently was gifted a ginormous bag of them from the antique store in montpelier:

doily haul

doily haul

i’ve also been a long-time buddha altar collage maker.  i’m finding creative ways to use the doilies too…here’s one I made this week:

Adrenaline Buddha

to help dial down my adrenaline fatigue