2014: Less and More Shifts

January 1, 2014 in art, craft, dream catchers, holiday by rachaelrice




All the dreamcatchers I made in 2013:

Less screen…more page

Less chair…more asana

Less office…more studio

Less friction…more flow

Less mind…more heart

Less effort…more ease

Less reaction…more choice

Less therapy…more ceremony

Less debate…more alignment

Less distraction…more focus

Less politics…more magic

Less doubt…more belief

Less perfect…more practice

Less weeds…more garden








Custom-made Stamped Word of the Year Feathers are on my Etsy store here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/174307948/word-of-the-year-stamped-feather

What’s your word for 2014?



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Recipe: Ayurveggnog!

December 19, 2013 in holiday, recipe by rachaelrice


Perfect for the holidays, this vegan, dairy-free “eggnog” recipe features magical turmeric. Get the recipe over at Amulet Magazine, where I’m guest-blogging!


get your field guide now

get your field guide now!


Day of the Dead 2013

December 11, 2013 in art, craft, holiday by rachaelrice

This year’s Day of the Dead was very special. The fall here in PDX was absolutely spectacular, and this is from someone who saw dozens of autumns in Vermont.

I had a few pieces in the annual show at Guardino Gallery, and did an installation at Howl with my girl Lynzee Lynx. Played music with my girls Kris Deelane and Darka Dusty at the gallery opening. Here are a few photos from the events…including a piece I made for Ray Manzarek (keyboardist for The Doors and for Lou Reed on the day he passed).

You can purchase my Ray Manzarek piece here.

Ray Manzarek altar piece I made for the show

Ray Manzarek altar piece I made for the show at Guardino Gallery

My Lou Reed ofrenda piece

My Lou Reed ofrenda piece for the show at Guardino Gallery

2013: Year of the Dream

January 7, 2013 in holiday, music, Portland Oregon, Reflections, Wisdom by rachaelrice


Huge year. Huge.

First full year of not working a straight job. Of being a full-time artist. Successfully.

First print article feature.

Made a bunch of pieces for a Hollywood pop-up store.

Which led to a piece for a Hollywood wedding.

Which led to a photo on People.com.

Two big successful tributes.

All-female rock revue launched.

Dream School Salon for Creatives coaching group launched.

Moved out of a shared space into our own gorgeous, little apartment.

Visited two tropical islands, played music and made art on both.

Major breakthroughs in my mental/emotional/spiritual health. (Gratitude? Check. Forgiveness? Check. Miraculous, daily.)

Music expansion: ukulele, shows, collabs, and even a little EP.

And friends…so many new old friends. Feels like I’ve known them for so long already.





Judy Garland!

Judy Garland!


IMG_9961 IMG_0024

Happy Hannukakwanzamasolstimas!!

December 28, 2011 in holiday by rachaelrice

The holidays have been awesome here in Portland so far. It’s not all Narnia with snow like in Vermont, but the truth is, I don’t miss it. We had, like, the most Christmassiest Christmas ever…visited some of Dan’s family, ate Chinese food, went to parties, made snowflake garlands (I should post a tutorial! That shit has SIX SIDES PEOPLE!!), wandered around Peacock Lane, drank eggnog, went to Crafty Wonderland, made crafty gifts (including a TON of custom order dream catchers), watched Scrooge (fave Christmas movie) and It’s a Wonderful Life (fave movie ever), listened to holiday tunes on the radio, donated to charity…really pretty sweet.

Dan Rachael & The Beak

Me, my man Dan and our dog The Beak using Incredibooth iPhone app

Cozy fireplace

Peacock Lane

Peacock Lane

Tiny tree and tinier tree!

Tiny tree and tinier tree!

Peacock Lane

Peacock Lane

Snowflake Garland

Snowflake Garland

Tree & tv "fire" at a friend's party

Tree & tv "fire" at a friend's party where I met Courtney Taylor-Taylor of the Dandy Warhols, which made me kind of freak out alllll the way home

Movie Stills

Me with antlers and my dog

I'm a reindeer!

Randi mugs with mugs

Photo I took of Randi, mugging with her mugs before an ugly sweater party

Snowflake Garland

Snowflake Garland

Peace on Earth


Free People Catch A Dream DIY Event!

December 7, 2011 in art, craft, DIY, doilies, dream catchers, fashion, feathers, holiday, Portland Oregon, sculpture by rachaelrice

The DIY dream catcher event at Free People Portland was totes amazeballs (lol)! It was featured on their corporate blog, and lots of people came out to get their craft on. My inner art teacher was so excited to share my creative pursuits! And the pieces that people made were unbelievably beautiful. Plus, we had Maple Butterscotch cake with EDIBLE GLITTER (!!!) from Cake & Mukti (check out her blog The Yoga of Cake), and supplies donated by Relica Vintage. I hope I get to do it again! Valentine’s….?

Free People blog screenshot

from the FP blog

FP Event Poster
Interior Portland Store shot


Best. Cake. EVER.

FP Crafty Girl!

gettin crafty!


cake goddess!

Samantha Cullen from Cake & Mukti

Samantha Cullen shows off her piece

store window

exterior shot of the store window with raffle piece

Epic Dream Catcher Raffle at Free People Portland!

December 7, 2011 in art, craft, doilies, dream catchers, feathers, holiday, Portland Oregon, reuse by rachaelrice

I made a huge-normous dream catcher to be raffled off at the Free People Portland store as part of an upcoming DIY event on December 2nd.  I also made a smaller one, so there are two chances to win! Raffle tickets are $5 at the store and some of the proceeds will benefit Adopt-a-Family Portland. The drawing will be held on Dec. 15th via Facebook.

This piece took about 3 days to complete and features vintage metal fringe, a detachable fox tail fur charm, earrings from fortune cookie fortunes and vintage lace, with a huge vintage doily behind a hand-woven “web” with vintage button “spider”. There’s also a plastic water bottle feather garland, which was featured on the Free People blog!  You can see tons of photos here on my Flickr.

dream catcher for Portland Free People store

the beast! it's over 6 feet tall!


detail of the large piece at Free People

detail of the large piece at Free People

fox tail charm detail

this piece features a detachable fox tail charm!

lace & fortune cookie earrings

on either side of the piece hang earrings featuring fortune cookie fortunes and vintage lace!

FP Dream Catcher

The second one I made is MUCH smaller, but no less charming! It features vintage trims and gold painted feathers.

two dream catchers for raffle

here are the two raffle prizes!

raffle prize #2!

raffle prize #2!

pic of me and the beast!

pic of me and the beast!

holiday bath salts

December 20, 2010 in craft, doilies, holiday by rachaelrice

i’ve been making bath salts for friends for several years now, and it’s always at the last minute before the holidays in december.  i get like five pounds of epsom salts and stand in my kitchen and bathroom scanning for random herbs and essential oils i can throw together for gifts.

this year i scrounged around and found some dried clementine peels (god knows why i was keeping those), some “panic button” essential oil (lavender, petitgrain, neroli, tangerine, rose), some coriander seeds and some cardamom pods.  i put the dry materials in the coffee grinder and mixed them with the salt.  some glitter for good measure.

covered the jars with some paper and glued some lace and cut up doilies on the side, ET VOILA.   done!

bath salts

bath salts

bath salts up close

bath salts up close

more bath salts

more bath salts

retro vintage holiday wrapping paper

January 1, 2010 in craft, holiday by rachaelrice

this stuff blows me away.  i got it last year at ReSTORE in burlington, and i use a little every year, and finally i scanned some images so i’ll feel more free to use the rest…

holiday paper with trees

holiday paper with trees

holiday paper #2

holiday paper #2

holiday paper #3

holiday paper #3

holiday nature ornaments with deer and butterfly

December 20, 2009 in craft, holiday, nature by rachaelrice

another in a long series of deer-obsession pieces…a project for a snowy afternoon in Vermont: holiday nature ornaments.  these look pretty nice even though they’re plastic and not glass.   I used some scrap sheepskin but cotton batting would work too.  Craft foliage and random little animals are so cute — if I had more globes I would put in some acorns and whatnot.

deer & butterfly ornament

deer & butterfly ornament

deer ornament

butterfly ornament

butterfly ornament