Free People Catch A Dream DIY Event!

December 7, 2011 in art, craft, DIY, doilies, dream catchers, fashion, feathers, holiday, Portland Oregon, sculpture

The DIY dream catcher event at Free People Portland was totes amazeballs (lol)! It was featured on their corporate blog, and lots of people came out to get their craft on. My inner art teacher was so excited to share my creative pursuits! And the pieces that people made were unbelievably beautiful. Plus, we had Maple Butterscotch cake with EDIBLE GLITTER (!!!) from Cake & Mukti (check out her blog The Yoga of Cake), and supplies donated by Relica Vintage. I hope I get to do it again! Valentine’s….?

Free People blog screenshot

from the FP blog

FP Event Poster
Interior Portland Store shot


Best. Cake. EVER.

FP Crafty Girl!

gettin crafty!


cake goddess!

Samantha Cullen from Cake & Mukti

Samantha Cullen shows off her piece

store window

exterior shot of the store window with raffle piece

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Last Waltz Fashion

December 6, 2011 in fashion, music, Portland Oregon

I took some photos at a tribute concert called The Next Waltz at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Oregon last week where my man Dan Haley sang This Wheel’s on Fire (Bob Dylan/Rick Danko). The cool thing about the show was that they played EVERY SONG from that concert, not just what you see on The Last Waltz Scorsese movie ~ which if you haven’t seen, you should immediately!

So many that night dressed like the original performers; I think we were all scouring Good Will stores trying searching for 1976 duds. After a lot of internetting and geeking out on the 70’s vibe, I took a bunch of photos. And I’m blown away by the similarities! Here’s my own little visual tribute to The Last Waltz, which includes the poster I made of my last show in Vermont.

The Last Waltz with Rachael RiceHere are some photos and photo collages based on The Last Waltz, and taken from The Next Waltz.  Hard to tell which are the newer photos!

Concert photo with flowers and flag

from The Next Waltz

Ladies of the Waltz

clockwise: Little Sue, Heidi Shu, Michael Hessling, Kris Deelane, and Miriams Well

Joni Fashion

I want to dress like Joni 24/7

Bob Dylan/Al James

Bob Dylan/Al James


Dan Haley

Dan Haley

full band

The Band and the other band...and Jeff Roseberg as Van. Priceless.

Adam East as Neil Diamond

Adam East as Neil Diamond - nails it.

Next Waltz Photo Collage

The Next Waltz photo collage

rachael rice on free people blog

May 25, 2011 in craft, doilies, dream catchers, feathers, jewelry, nature, necklace, sculpture

rachael rice on freepeople blog

sweeeet.  got a guest artist spot over on the always-inspiring free people blog.

i love sharing how to make stuff.

here’s a basic way to make a little dream catcher. riffing on the round object with danglies (found in every culture) i’ve been (finally) finding uses for my slightly embarrassing doily collection.

also featured here are diy doily crystal necklaces. my friend heather treasure cautions mindfulness about sourcing quartz and other crystals, and recommends arkansas crystal works.

free people diy blog post

from the building 25 free people blog

sculptures by rachael rice

dream eyes & god catchers

large object outdoors

object with vintage trims and detail view


start here

step 1 & 2

start here. i used a bangle. tie string, loop around.

keep looping around, and when you get to the beginning...

keep looping around, and when you get to the beginning...


catch the loops and weave the string through each one. back to front or front to back, it doesn't matter as long as you are consistent

final product

keep spiraling in until it gets too small to work with. add a bead and tie off. add feathers, etc. and you're done!

doily art
object with doilies and painted feathers



pastels or crayons, watercolors, collage elements



painted feathers

draw with pastel or crayon, add collage elements, and paint over.



feather detail

cut out, draw designs with markers. i like sharpie paint pens.



finished product, and "dark star"

finished product, and "dark star"



doily, lace & quartz necklaces

doily, lace & quartz necklaces



necklace detail

wrapped in wire, held by a piece of vintage lace



quartz necklaces

quartz necklaces & lace



the piece i sent to julia at fp

the piece i sent to julia at fp

leather and feathers earring project

January 3, 2010 in craft, fashion

during my trip to portland, oregon i bought some fantastic feather earrings by marion max at an amazing vintage store rocknrose:

iphone pic of me wearing earrings by marion max

iphone pic of me wearing earrings by marion max

i was really inspired by them and thought i’d take a crack at making some feather earrings myself.  mine are made from recycled leather, random beads, a broken necklace chain, and various craft feathers.  ok i admit i plucked a few from the feather duster.

leather & feather earrings

leather & feather earrings by me

 earrings on

here's me wearing them. babushka!

hearts on fire

July 5, 2009 in fashion

here’s a Levi’s denim jacket i never wear.  so i decided to sew on a human heart — not a real one, silly! — made from leather, satin and velvet.  turns out i still won’t wear it, maybe i could sell it?   i’d like to add some beading, nudie suit-style.

another reason i should get my etsy store up and running…

leather heart jacket

leather heart jacket

off of me, on the floor

off of me, on the floor

applique detail

applique detail