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Recipe: Ayurveggnog!

Perfect for the holidays, this vegan, dairy-free “eggnog” recipe features magical turmeric. Get the recipe over at Amulet Magazine, where I’m guest-blogging! http://www.amuletmagazine.com/2013/12/19/nourish-ayurveggnog-by-rachael-rice/   Read more →

Happy Hannukakwanzamasolstimas!!

The holidays have been awesome here in Portland so far. It’s not all Narnia with snow like in Vermont, but the truth is, I don’t miss it. We had, like, the most Christmassiest Christmas ever…visited some of Dan’s family, ate Chinese food, went to parties, made snowflake garlands (I should post a tutorial! That shit has SIX SIDES PEOPLE!!), wandered… Read more →

holiday nature ornaments with deer and butterfly

another in a long series of deer-obsession pieces…a project for a snowy afternoon in Vermont: holiday nature ornaments.  these look pretty nice even though they’re plastic and not glass.   I used some scrap sheepskin but cotton batting would work too.  Craft foliage and random little animals are so cute — if I had more globes I would put in some… Read more →