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Beloved Festival.


It was my first time. I was able to attend this year because I was invited to install some dreamcatchers on the Sufi Path.  I camped with Flora Bowley and Lynzee Lynx — you’ll see the live painting photos below.

I had been to Bread & Puppet several times in Glover, Vermont. The vibe was similar, yet dramatically different. More intimate, more focused on transformative experiences. And big on the electronic dance music. Serious communion happening on the dance floor. Zero alcohol being sold (so awesome). Instead, kombucha on tap. Vegan vendors. Lots of families and kids. You could leave your iPhone in the charging station all day and no one would steal it. So….safe.  Even the porta-potties had Hafiz and Rumi quotes in them along with fresh flowers and herbs and fiber optic lights. I tried to focus on being there, and not on taking photos.

Highlights included:

  • A “Big Love” tent with an array of altars and crystals left there all the time, with rugs and relaxation teas. Perfect for introverts, with a view of the stage.
  • Attending Nicki Scully‘s shamanic group journey in which we visualized our DNA helix as a snake inside a snake charmer’s basket. We uncurled it, helped it to relax, and returned it to the basket with a different pattern on its head. Later, I got to snuggle with an actual snake (see photos below).
  • Singing into what I can only describe as an ayahuasca pyramid echo chamber of indigenous sound.
  • A nest the size of a small yard with steel cut laser chakra meditation centers.
  • An airstream trailer turned into a sauna.
  • Altars of unspeakable beauty scattered everywhere.
  • The hugs. At first, startling and invasive. By the end, totally normal.
  • Goddesses dancing with fire on stage (see video below).
  • Lounging in a girl pile with new friends in a psychedelic 4am twilight, watching Youssoupha Sidibe play the West African harp kora.

Overhead quotes:

“This does not look like a turtle area. I lost my hula hoop at the turtle area.”

“There were just, like, SO MANY vaginas. I mean, I had no idea.”

“No, not that camp. The Wounded Goddess camp. With the nudists.”

“Hold my baby so I can go do some acro-yoga with my husband.”

[a friend’s child has wandered off] Friend: “Sorry I’m freaking out.” Me: “Dude, I freak out when I lose my phone. This is your kid.” [kid was found, btw.]

“This Care Bear suit is actually an embodiment of sacred geometry.”

I can’t wait for next year.

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Cinnamon Girls: Women Sing Neil Young

March 19, 2012 in music, Oregon, Portland, Portland Oregon

Cinnamon Girls Poster

I spent too long trying to approximate the look of Neil's Harvest album.

On February 25th 2012 I produced an all-female tribute to Neil Young at Mississippi Pizza Pub in Portland, Oregon. It featured over 20 performers and was the first event of its kind I’ve done out here on the best er, west coast.

L to R: Marilee Hord (fiddle), Alexa Wiley (guitar), Renee Muzquiz (lead guitar), Gina Noell (in the back), Alex Nicole, Rachael Rice, Christine Havrilla, Darka Dusty. Photo by M I R I Photo

Miriam German

Miriam German of Miriams Well - Photo by M I R I Photo

Yours truly. Photo by M I R I Photo

I knew that when the Facebook event was at over 100 rsvp’s I was in trouble…the evening sold out before it began. It was a kickass night playing with women I’d barely met.  Despite some technical difficulties (hello, no stage monitors) we rocked…hard. Here’s a YouTube playlist of the entire evening:

Exactly two hours after the show ended I got on a plane to the Caribbean to visit my dad.  More on that in my next post.

Happy Hannukakwanzamasolstimas!!

December 28, 2011 in holiday

The holidays have been awesome here in Portland so far. It’s not all Narnia with snow like in Vermont, but the truth is, I don’t miss it. We had, like, the most Christmassiest Christmas ever…visited some of Dan’s family, ate Chinese food, went to parties, made snowflake garlands (I should post a tutorial! That shit has SIX SIDES PEOPLE!!), wandered around Peacock Lane, drank eggnog, went to Crafty Wonderland, made crafty gifts (including a TON of custom order dream catchers), watched Scrooge (fave Christmas movie) and It’s a Wonderful Life (fave movie ever), listened to holiday tunes on the radio, donated to charity…really pretty sweet.

Dan Rachael & The Beak

Me, my man Dan and our dog The Beak using Incredibooth iPhone app

Cozy fireplace

Peacock Lane

Peacock Lane

Tiny tree and tinier tree!

Tiny tree and tinier tree!

Peacock Lane

Peacock Lane

Snowflake Garland

Snowflake Garland

Tree & tv "fire" at a friend's party

Tree & tv "fire" at a friend's party where I met Courtney Taylor-Taylor of the Dandy Warhols, which made me kind of freak out alllll the way home

Movie Stills

Me with antlers and my dog

I'm a reindeer!

Randi mugs with mugs

Photo I took of Randi, mugging with her mugs before an ugly sweater party

Snowflake Garland

Snowflake Garland

Peace on Earth


Free People Catch A Dream DIY Event!

December 7, 2011 in art, craft, DIY, doilies, dream catchers, fashion, feathers, holiday, Portland Oregon, sculpture

The DIY dream catcher event at Free People Portland was totes amazeballs (lol)! It was featured on their corporate blog, and lots of people came out to get their craft on. My inner art teacher was so excited to share my creative pursuits! And the pieces that people made were unbelievably beautiful. Plus, we had Maple Butterscotch cake with EDIBLE GLITTER (!!!) from Cake & Mukti (check out her blog The Yoga of Cake), and supplies donated by Relica Vintage. I hope I get to do it again! Valentine’s….?

Free People blog screenshot

from the FP blog

FP Event Poster
Interior Portland Store shot


Best. Cake. EVER.

FP Crafty Girl!

gettin crafty!


cake goddess!

Samantha Cullen from Cake & Mukti

Samantha Cullen shows off her piece

store window

exterior shot of the store window with raffle piece

Epic Dream Catcher Raffle at Free People Portland!

December 7, 2011 in art, craft, doilies, dream catchers, feathers, holiday, Portland Oregon, reuse

I made a huge-normous dream catcher to be raffled off at the Free People Portland store as part of an upcoming DIY event on December 2nd.  I also made a smaller one, so there are two chances to win! Raffle tickets are $5 at the store and some of the proceeds will benefit Adopt-a-Family Portland. The drawing will be held on Dec. 15th via Facebook.

This piece took about 3 days to complete and features vintage metal fringe, a detachable fox tail fur charm, earrings from fortune cookie fortunes and vintage lace, with a huge vintage doily behind a hand-woven “web” with vintage button “spider”. There’s also a plastic water bottle feather garland, which was featured on the Free People blog!  You can see tons of photos here on my Flickr.

dream catcher for Portland Free People store

the beast! it's over 6 feet tall!


detail of the large piece at Free People

detail of the large piece at Free People

fox tail charm detail

this piece features a detachable fox tail charm!

lace & fortune cookie earrings

on either side of the piece hang earrings featuring fortune cookie fortunes and vintage lace!

FP Dream Catcher

The second one I made is MUCH smaller, but no less charming! It features vintage trims and gold painted feathers.

two dream catchers for raffle

here are the two raffle prizes!

raffle prize #2!

raffle prize #2!

pic of me and the beast!

pic of me and the beast!

Last Waltz Fashion

December 6, 2011 in fashion, music, Portland Oregon

I took some photos at a tribute concert called The Next Waltz at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Oregon last week where my man Dan Haley sang This Wheel’s on Fire (Bob Dylan/Rick Danko). The cool thing about the show was that they played EVERY SONG from that concert, not just what you see on The Last Waltz Scorsese movie ~ which if you haven’t seen, you should immediately!

So many that night dressed like the original performers; I think we were all scouring Good Will stores trying searching for 1976 duds. After a lot of internetting and geeking out on the 70’s vibe, I took a bunch of photos. And I’m blown away by the similarities! Here’s my own little visual tribute to The Last Waltz, which includes the poster I made of my last show in Vermont.

The Last Waltz with Rachael RiceHere are some photos and photo collages based on The Last Waltz, and taken from The Next Waltz.  Hard to tell which are the newer photos!

Concert photo with flowers and flag

from The Next Waltz

Ladies of the Waltz

clockwise: Little Sue, Heidi Shu, Michael Hessling, Kris Deelane, and Miriams Well

Joni Fashion

I want to dress like Joni 24/7

Bob Dylan/Al James

Bob Dylan/Al James


Dan Haley

Dan Haley

full band

The Band and the other band...and Jeff Roseberg as Van. Priceless.

Adam East as Neil Diamond

Adam East as Neil Diamond - nails it.

Next Waltz Photo Collage

The Next Waltz photo collage


November 15, 2011 in photography, Politics, Portland Oregon

I’ve spent some time downtown at the Occupy Portland camp.  And I marched on October 5th.  It’s inspiring to see so many people joining together to reject an economic system that supports corporate personhood, bank bailouts, speculative debt mongering, and waging war on the poor.  FYEAH!  Here are some of my photos.  You can see the complete set on my Flickr page.

For more about the Occupy movement, visit  I strongly encourage you to participate.


 REVOLT Just Do ItmarchFlag at Pioneer SquareI'm not homeless I just live here Occupysave your oxygenTent with Prayer Flagspioneer squareoccuparemos juntosmarchJob Creatorabstractsi se puedeeat shit rich bastardshuman needs not corporate greedpioneer squaremonumentchicken littlecops

Featured Artist for Alberta Main Street

October 30, 2011 in art, Portland Oregon

The Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon is an amazing neighborhood full of awesome restaurants, the best ice cream I’ve ever had, and a “Last Thursdays on Alberta” event that is like a mix of Commercial Street in Provincetown and uhhh…Burning Man?  It’s a carnival atmosphere that is largely self-regulated, with the help of Alberta Main Street’s community organization. You basically can show up on last Thursday with your stuff, and sell it on the street.  No cost, no permit, first come, first serve.  Then at night there’s all manner of parades, street parties, live music, food, and artsy events.  It’s crazy!

Anyway, I love what they’re doing and they love what I’m doing and we’re in love!  I’m grateful to be their Featured Artist for October…visit Alberta Main Street if you’re ever in the area.

Here’s their Facebook page(s):

Here’s a screenshot of their website with my blurb…and some pics I took on Last Thursday in August.

screen shot of Alberta's newsletter

screen shot of Alberta Main St. newsletter

street musician at Last Thursday

musician at Last Thursday on Alberta

succulents in shoes

Colorful wall on Alberta Street

Chaba Thai on Alberta St.

Wanderlust  mobile shop

Wanderlust mobile shop

put a bird on it

Put a bird on it.

Alberta Street is My Street

Portland, Oregon tour!

November 8, 2009 in music, travel

So Dan Haley, Noah Hahn and I are out in PDX playing some shows as a trio…mostly as “Mister Casual” at the Laurelthirst Public House but also some Cosmic American stuff thrown in here and there.  We’re packed in a VW bus which just today ran out of gas, so we got in a different VW bus to get to the gig.  The schedule is here:

Dan Haley is Mister Casual

Dan Haley is Mister Casual