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Last Waltz Fashion

I took some photos at a tribute concert called The Next Waltz at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Oregon last week where my man Dan Haley sang This Wheel’s on Fire (Bob Dylan/Rick Danko). The cool thing about the show was that they played EVERY SONG from that concert, not just what you see on The Last Waltz Scorsese… Read more →

iPhone photography

i’ve been completely obsessed with the various apps available for making iPhone photos look all retro and psychedelic.  my favorites are Hipstamatic, Lo-Mob, and Tilt-Shift-Gen. these are pictures i took to exhibit at a “phone-tography” show for Geek Week at Langdon Street Cafe in Montpelier, Vermont. i also made a 12:1 scale iPhone out of foam core and paper, and… Read more →

psychedelic retro vintage rock posters

i will always love retro psychedelic rock and movie posters. but Tadanori Yokoo took it to a whole nutha level: i mean, how crazy are these?  i love the how the registration is deliberately off, like in those turn-of-the-century offset screen prints or the WPA propaganda posters from the 30’s and 40’s. [and is it just me or does the… Read more →

spirograph and shrinky-dink art

remember these?  i loved mine so much as a kid…though i also cursed its name as the circles skipped around or pens ran out, ruining the perfect designs…cursed precision! well i got another one and tried it again after all these years. then i got to wondering what else i could spiro on and used some shrinky-dink plastic… Read more →