rachael rice on free people blog

rachael rice on freepeople blog

sweeeet.  got a guest artist spot over on the always-inspiring free people blog.

i love sharing how to make stuff.

here’s a basic way to make a little dream catcher. riffing on the round object with danglies (found in every culture) i’ve been (finally) finding uses for my slightly embarrassing doily collection.

also featured here are diy doily crystal necklaces. my friend heather treasure cautions mindfulness about sourcing quartz and other crystals, and recommends arkansas crystal works.

free people diy blog post

from the building 25 free people blog

sculptures by rachael rice

dream eyes & god catchers

large object outdoors

object with vintage trims and detail view


start here

step 1 & 2

start here. i used a bangle. tie string, loop around.

keep looping around, and when you get to the beginning...

keep looping around, and when you get to the beginning...


catch the loops and weave the string through each one. back to front or front to back, it doesn't matter as long as you are consistent

final product

keep spiraling in until it gets too small to work with. add a bead and tie off. add feathers, etc. and you're done!

doily art
object with doilies and painted feathers



pastels or crayons, watercolors, collage elements



painted feathers

draw with pastel or crayon, add collage elements, and paint over.



feather detail

cut out, draw designs with markers. i like sharpie paint pens.



finished product, and "dark star"

finished product, and "dark star"



doily, lace & quartz necklaces

doily, lace & quartz necklaces



necklace detail

wrapped in wire, held by a piece of vintage lace



quartz necklaces

quartz necklaces & lace



the piece i sent to julia at fp

the piece i sent to julia at fp

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