Featured Artist for Alberta Main Street

The Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon is an amazing neighborhood full of awesome restaurants, the best ice cream I’ve ever had, and a “Last Thursdays on Alberta” event that is like a mix of Commercial Street in Provincetown and uhhh…Burning Man?  It’s a carnival atmosphere that is largely self-regulated, with the help of Alberta Main Street’s community organization. You basically can show up on last Thursday with your stuff, and sell it on the street.  No cost, no permit, first come, first serve.  Then at night there’s all manner of parades, street parties, live music, food, and artsy events.  It’s crazy!

Anyway, I love what they’re doing and they love what I’m doing and we’re in love!  I’m grateful to be their Featured Artist for October…visit Alberta Main Street if you’re ever in the area.

Here’s their Facebook page(s):



Here’s a screenshot of their website with my blurb…and some pics I took on Last Thursday in August.

screen shot of Alberta's newsletter

screen shot of Alberta Main St. newsletter

street musician at Last Thursday

musician at Last Thursday on Alberta

succulents in shoes

Colorful wall on Alberta Street

Chaba Thai on Alberta St.

Wanderlust  mobile shop

Wanderlust mobile shop

put a bird on it

Put a bird on it.

Alberta Street is My Street

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