I’ve spent some time downtown at the Occupy Portland camp.  And I marched on October 5th.  It’s inspiring to see so many people joining together to reject an economic system that supports corporate personhood, bank bailouts, speculative debt mongering, and waging war on the poor.  FYEAH!  Here are some of my photos.  You can see the complete set on my Flickr page.

For more about the Occupy movement, visit http://www.occupytogether.org/.  I strongly encourage you to participate.


 REVOLT Just Do ItmarchFlag at Pioneer SquareI'm not homeless I just live here Occupysave your oxygenTent with Prayer Flagspioneer squareoccuparemos juntosmarchJob Creatorabstractsi se puedeeat shit rich bastardshuman needs not corporate greedpioneer squaremonumentchicken littlecops