Last Waltz Fashion

I took some photos at a tribute concert called The Next Waltz at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Oregon last week where my man Dan Haley sang This Wheel’s on Fire (Bob Dylan/Rick Danko). The cool thing about the show was that they played EVERY SONG from that concert, not just what you see on The Last Waltz Scorsese movie ~ which if you haven’t seen, you should immediately!

So many that night dressed like the original performers; I think we were all scouring Good Will stores trying searching for 1976 duds. After a lot of internetting and geeking out on the 70’s vibe, I took a bunch of photos. And I’m blown away by the similarities! Here’s my own little visual tribute to The Last Waltz, which includes the poster I made of my last show in Vermont.

The Last Waltz with Rachael RiceHere are some photos and photo collages based on The Last Waltz, and taken from The Next Waltz.  Hard to tell which are the newer photos!

Concert photo with flowers and flag

from The Next Waltz

Ladies of the Waltz

clockwise: Little Sue, Heidi Shu, Michael Hessling, Kris Deelane, and Miriams Well

Joni Fashion

I want to dress like Joni 24/7

Bob Dylan/Al James

Bob Dylan/Al James


Dan Haley

Dan Haley

full band

The Band and the other band...and Jeff Roseberg as Van. Priceless.

Adam East as Neil Diamond

Adam East as Neil Diamond - nails it.

Next Waltz Photo Collage

The Next Waltz photo collage