Cinnamon Girls: Women Sing Neil Young

Cinnamon Girls Poster

I spent too long trying to approximate the look of Neil's Harvest album.

On February 25th 2012 I produced an all-female tribute to Neil Young at Mississippi Pizza Pub in Portland, Oregon. It featured over 20 performers and was the first event of its kind I’ve done out here on the best er, west coast.

L to R: Marilee Hord (fiddle), Alexa Wiley (guitar), Renee Muzquiz (lead guitar), Gina Noell (in the back), Alex Nicole, Rachael Rice, Christine Havrilla, Darka Dusty. Photo by M I R I Photo

Miriam German

Miriam German of Miriams Well - Photo by M I R I Photo

Yours truly. Photo by M I R I Photo

I knew that when the Facebook event was at over 100 rsvp’s I was in trouble…the evening sold out before it began. It was a kickass night playing with women I’d barely met.  Despite some technical difficulties (hello, no stage monitors) we rocked…hard. Here’s a YouTube playlist of the entire evening:

Exactly two hours after the show ended I got on a plane to the Caribbean to visit my dad.  More on that in my next post.