Island Time Caribbean: Saint Lucia

I visited my dad in St. Lucia where he runs a little organic farm that supplies a local resort with their fruits and flowers and veggies. This was my second time on this island. I love the wildness of this place, and the people. At one point, I heard George Jones wafting through the jungle. Apparently country music (the real stuff, not what’s on the radio) is really popular here. I pay attention to signs like that.



My friend Suki, a professional mermaid, came down too and we had a couple weeks of beach time together. She had these amazing watercolors and we did a lot of painting. I taught her how to make woven dream catchers and we did a lot of dreaming together about how to offer the services of Deep Dream Diving to other mermaids…stay tuned.

Jade Mountain infinity pool

Jade Mountain infinity pool

driving around in the back of my dad's pickup truck is how we got around

farm goodies

learned more ukulele on this trip...this is pretty much what i did the whole time.

some watercolor paintings i did

RR at the mineral baths

me at the mineral baths at the botanical gardens

my dad and his neighbor at the Green Store

making dream catchers on the beach all day!

cafe in Soufriere

cafe in Soufriere