Island Time Hawaii: Big Island

About a month after coming back from St. Lucia, I had an opportunity to go to Big Island with a client who wanted me to teach her about music performance, harmony singing, and accompaniment. I had never been to Hawaii before…we stayed in Kona, near the beach, and got to drive around the island before we left after 10 days of music and beach time. It stood in stark contrast to the wild jungle of the Caribbean, the feeling was very different. Once I got to visit the erupting volcano, I somehow felt more “indigenized” — like I could feel the land under the pavement, and see beyond the McDonald’s and Wal Mart and Safeway whose layout was exactly like the one near me in Portland.

I collected some bean pods while I was there and painted them with these amazing paints from Germany. When I got home, I sprayed them with a lacquer, but I might try going over with matte Mod Podge on my next batch. What I will end up doing with them, I have no idea. I welcome ideas. Right now I think I’ll hang them off of some island-inspired dream catchers.

I may turn into an island girl after all.

Painted Bean Pods!

Acai bowls -- these need to be a thing EVERYWHERE.

dreamcatcher I made for the client

dreamcatcher I made for the client



made from island detritus and watercolored paper

These Island Hopper dream catchers are for sale on my Etsy shop!