Everything is amazing.

Fall is my favorite.

It was my mother’s favorite, too.

In Vermont, there was a riot of color, sometimes only for a week or so, before trees went skeletal and winter set in for 6 or 7 months. So it was a bitter sweet time, and here in Oregon, it just seems to go on and on. It’s…amazing.

I had the extreme good fortune of winning a spot in Pixie Campbell’s SouLodge e-course Goldmining The Shadows, which fits perfectly with the time of year when things go underground, start to rot, become dark and quiet, preparing for a long sleep before Spring. While I’ve done shadow work before, I’ve never worked with animal medicine. I pay close attention to any animals I come across. There are some cats that try to come in our apartment sometimes, and I let them. Dan’s not so into that, but I, like a lot of sensitive types, sometimes feel more comfortable with animals than with people.

I made a pinboard of inspirational images for my sister Shadow Stalkers. You can see it here.

I also wildcrafted some “Oregon Smudge” that I made from gathering some cedar, lavender, rosemary, sage and rose petals. All that stuff can be found everywhere here…I got mine on the edge of a parking lot. I tied the ends together with some twine, wrapped some rose petals around them and just bound them with the string, tying off at the end. I hung them upside down to dry for a week or so. I made the feathers to wave the smoke by gluing a ribbon to the ends and attaching a wooden bead. I ended up selling them on my Etsy store so I think I’ll make more. It smells like Oregon.

While I appreciate the sunshine, I’ve always been happiest indoors, making stuff. Rainy Portland in the Autumn is just perfect for me. I know a few people might disagree with this, especially because of the mess that comes with Autumn. However, I just love that season. One of my friends hates Autumn due to the leaves falling off the trees. They always seem to block up her gutters, meaning that the rainwater leaks in her attic sometimes. However, she finds that contacting Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Portland helps her manage this problem. After they’ve cleaned the gutter, the rainwater can start draining properly again. However, it’s understandable why she dislikes Autumn, especially after the leaks she’s had. Personally, I still adore the season!

We looked at some voodoo veves and photos of Adam Ant before I did her makeup.

This makeup suited her perfectly.

Some Day of the Dead art I made for a show at Guardino Gallery on Alberta.

More “sugar skulls” that I made. I bought plastic skulls from Fred Meyer grocery for $1.50 each, and painted over them.

And here’s a few flat versions I made from forms I bought at Collage on Alberta.

From the altar.

Oregon smudge I wildcrafted from cedar, rosemary, lavender, sage, rose petals.