2013: Year of the Dream


Huge year. Huge.

First full year of not working a straight job. Of being a full-time artist. Successfully.

First print article feature.

Made a bunch of pieces for a Hollywood pop-up store.

Which led to a piece for a Hollywood wedding.

Which led to a photo on People.com.

Two big successful tributes.

All-female rock revue launched.

Dream School Salon for Creatives coaching group launched.

Moved out of a shared space into our own gorgeous, little apartment.

Visited two tropical islands, played music and made art on both.

Major breakthroughs in my mental/emotional/spiritual health. (Gratitude? Check. Forgiveness? Check. Miraculous, daily.)

Music expansion: ukulele, shows, collabs, and even a little EP.

And friends…so many new old friends. Feels like I’ve known them for so long already.





Judy Garland!

Judy Garland!


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