Uniquity, Acorns and Suchness

 This post is part of a blog series about “Uniquity” — a new word brought to you by Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift, the authors of The Declaration of You.


“A unique, formed soul is within us from birth, shaping us as much as it is shaped. While this is not a new myth, the possibility that we are fated, or called into life with a uniqueness that asks to be lived, is rejected by our culture. This myth is described as the acorn theory.” ~ Mary NurrieStearns

Unique. Unus. One. Like no other.

Tell me, where is this “self” that we sense? What is its exact location? My head?…My heart?

At the molecular level, there’s a lot of

s         p         a         c          e

between the bits that make up “me” — and are not distinguishable from the bits that make up my “desk”…yet, there is desk-ness.

Suchness. Tathatā, in Sanskrit.

Your daemon, your acorn. Your soul.

It is not necessary to compare yourself, to believe or not believe that you are “special.”

For most of eternity, you are not.

The complexity of the conditions necessary for your existence is scarcely imaginable.

Just like everyone else.

The leaves do not try to outdo each other, they are focused on their leaf-ness.

Focus on your such-ness. Where does it come from? What is its shape? What will you do in this life to fully embody it, in the ways only you know how?

What does your soul command?

How can you even think of doing otherwise?

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