Abundance is a feeling

IMG_4819It’s not about the money.

Whenever I feel contracted around money and want more of it to flow (have you noticed how money really does FLOW? now let’s be serious sometimes hard times can come round and you may even have to get the facts on borrowing in times of financial need), but when it’s flowing in abundance I like to go to the drive-through at Starbucks (DON’T JUDGE ME) and buy the order of the person behind me. Usually, I manage to pay for it and drive away before they can even pull up to the window. I don’t mind giving cash to the folks with cardboard signs (DON’T JUDGE THEM. They are not Bernie Madoff, for fuck’s sake. The impact of their asking is minimal, so just GIVE). I pay attention to where my cash is and treat it with respect; I don’t let it get scrunched up in my wallet among receipts and coupons. Speaking of coupons, using discount codes like the ones on PromoCodeWatch, means being able to save at least some money has never been easier. Plus, we can all do with discounts once in a while.

This makes me feel abundant. Comes from the Latin ~unda, wave. To overflow.

Nature is abundant, and you are part of nature.

Scarcity and poverty consciousness is programmed into a lot of [“starving”] artists. The amount of aesthetic joy someone receives for the rest of their lives looking at your piece of art is probably worth more to them than what you’re charging, by the way. Feeling shame or guilt about someone paying you very, very well for your art denies people the opportunity to be generous. And generosity is the heart of abundance.

Make no mistake, the Universe is not your shopping mall. That is not what abundance means. It is a feeling that there is more than enough of what everyone needs. It is an attitude and a practice. Our day-to-day life is filled with more riches than the finest King could have imagined. If you doubt that, go turn on your water. When you learn that financial abundance is available to everyone including you, you will be able to live a financially free life with no worry or no stress, before learning how to live financially free you may be interested at looking to borrow a small amount. A small loan will be more than enough to experiment with the universe and practice financial abundance to see how far the small loan can actually stretch – you’ll be surprised! Something to consider to help the flow of money into your life is to think about your sources of income, one of which could be your home itself! Getting an equity release can help to obtain a tax-free lump sum or a steady stream of cash from the value of your home; use a calculator to compare rates on the market.

Other abundance habits:

  • remaining curious instead of fearful
  • noticing abundance in nature
  • consuming more art than news
  • giving without strings attached
  • receiving without a sense of obligation
  • accepting that “marketplace” is another word for “community”
  • letting go of comparing
  • recognizing worry as planning for shit you don’t want
  • looking for synchronicities
  • seeking harmony instead of upset
  • letting go of ego identification with poverty/scarcity-hood (e.g. I’m poor therefore I’m better, or I’m poor therefore I’m less than)
  • letting go of poverty/scarcity language that repeats a negative story
  • using mint.com or similar site to track your spending visually
  • keeping your money tidy in your wallet
  • understanding one can live simply with plenty of money

Cultivate the sense that the Earth is literally supporting your every step, that the NORM is for things to progress and expand (this is why we can all drive cars without serious injury every day). Humans are walking meaning-makers. There are alternative economies and complementary currencies being built for when the present system collapses. Money is just a symbol of the flow of energy we give to each other. It used to be cacao beans. Now it’s paper. At some point, it will be something else. But for now, go with the flow.

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