Soul Shine Celebration

The open house at Soul Shine Studio, a collaborative space between Flora Bowley, Pixie Campbell, Kelly Rae Roberts, and Lynzee Lynx, happened and it was magical.  A celebration of talent, creativity, and community with some of the sparkliest thought leaders and artists in the land.  Many were in town for the World Domination Summit.

I was overwhelmed by the time I got to the top of the stairs.

So. Many. People.

I’m working part-time as Flora Bowley’s Girl Friday. It’s an amazing job, as it doesn’t feel like a job. I get to be around women living their dream and having conversations about important shit like consciousness, boundaries, animal medicine and chevrons. I helped with the logo design by suggesting it gets cut in half. Nordic snowflake issue SOLVED. Cute, right?


It was so f’ing hot and I was wearing my best lace bell-bottoms and platform shoes. I got to snuggle with some of my favorite gals with whom I’d only interacted with online like Hannah Marcotti,  Luna Jaffe, Jessica Swift, Michelle Ward, and Christine Mason Miller. I barely missed Jennette Nielsen and a bunch of other gals, but I would be a MESS if I stayed at that party for too long. Sometimes really REALLY awesome things make me more anxious than icky things. It’s interesting.

After about 45 minutes, I start to max out on the stimulation. Luckily I bring my ukulele everywhere like a security blanket so I just sat in the corner with Zippy playing Whitney Houston. Bonus: party soundtrack! I recommend carrying a ukulele around for anyone with anxiety issues. And then it was time to go.

Because true celebration is putting on my jammies and making things out of recycled white leather.

It’s like Meg Worden says:

“Becoming more successful also means saying no to cooler things. It’s a good sign when you are inundated with opportunity.”




Pixie Campbell, Christine Mason Moller, and Flora Bowley


Flora’s book Brave Intuitive Painting


Kelly Rae Roberts in the middle in yellow


Foxy couch ladies!






Me and Zippy Lomax.


Snuggle time with Hannah Marcotti

Me and Luna Jaffe

Me and Luna Jaffe


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