Beloved Festival.


It was my first time. I was able to attend this year because I was invited to install some dreamcatchers on the Sufi Path.  I camped with Flora Bowley and Lynzee Lynx — you’ll see the live painting photos below.

I had been to Bread & Puppet several times in Glover, Vermont. The vibe was similar, yet dramatically different. More intimate, more focused on transformative experiences. And big on the electronic dance music. Serious communion happening on the dance floor. Zero alcohol being sold (so awesome). Instead, kombucha on tap. Vegan vendors. Lots of families and kids. You could leave your iPhone in the charging station all day and no one would steal it. So….safe.  Even the porta-potties had Hafiz and Rumi quotes in them along with fresh flowers and herbs and fiber optic lights. I tried to focus on being there, and not on taking photos.

Highlights included:

  • A “Big Love” tent with an array of altars and crystals left there all the time, with rugs and relaxation teas. Perfect for introverts, with a view of the stage.
  • Attending Nicki Scully‘s shamanic group journey in which we visualized our DNA helix as a snake inside a snake charmer’s basket. We uncurled it, helped it to relax, and returned it to the basket with a different pattern on its head. Later, I got to snuggle with an actual snake (see photos below).
  • Singing into what I can only describe as an ayahuasca pyramid echo chamber of indigenous sound.
  • A nest the size of a small yard with steel cut laser chakra meditation centers.
  • An airstream trailer turned into a sauna.
  • Altars of unspeakable beauty scattered everywhere.
  • The hugs. At first, startling and invasive. By the end, totally normal.
  • Goddesses dancing with fire on stage (see video below).
  • Lounging in a girl pile with new friends in a psychedelic 4am twilight, watching Youssoupha Sidibe play the West African harp kora.

Overhead quotes:

“This does not look like a turtle area. I lost my hula hoop at the turtle area.”

“There were just, like, SO MANY vaginas. I mean, I had no idea.”

“No, not that camp. The Wounded Goddess camp. With the nudists.”

“Hold my baby so I can go do some acro-yoga with my husband.”

[a friend’s child has wandered off] Friend: “Sorry I’m freaking out.” Me: “Dude, I freak out when I lose my phone. This is your kid.” [kid was found, btw.]

“This Care Bear suit is actually an embodiment of sacred geometry.”

I can’t wait for next year.

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