Digital Nourishment & Evidence of Love


photo from my walk

Your organism evolved to seek out and solve problems, consume sugar when available, and to avoid discomfort.

These biological imperatives often conflict with modern life, as we have not evolved to process the amount of information, snack “foods” and years of sitting to which we’re exposed.

Understand that the drive to “be informed” tilts toward bad news. That’s ok, it’s what our brain is wired to do. But also consider that “being informed” means seeking out progress, connection, awakening, creativity, and deep abiding joy. Those things are real, too. Joy is often more uncomfortable than pain, as it brings up our own issues of worthiness, and can be perceived as being so fleeting. This is the yoga of the soul: being stretched into discomfort so we find out what shape we are.

We need a little sugar. We need to be exposed to the problems facing humanity and our Earth, so we may work together to find creative solutions. But just as we can’t nourish ourselves with a steady diet of processed corn syrup, we cannot nourish ourselves with a steady stream of triggering information. The world needs healing, and healing happens in a relaxed state. Not a numb one, not a stressed one, nor in a state of ignorance, but in one of expansion: where our souls stretch toward purpose, with enough room to hold the pain we see and not become transfixed by it. To allow it to motivate our own transformation. Because the human animal has also been tasked with healing and waking up.

But how?

Collect evidence of love. What we focus on will expand. Seek out the stories that nourish your being. Consume them more than disturbing information. Witness the micro-events of compassion: allowing someone to cross the street, a full tip jar, a bird feeder in winter, the sound of voices together, the way someone arranged the produce beautifully, the way some colors make you feel, the accidental gentle touch of a stranger. The list is infinite.

Collect them in photographs or pin the articles to your wall. Trace their shapes onto paper and make a book of flesh and tears that you read in dark moments. Tuck them like jeweled embers into the pocket of your heart, where they may burn and warm the weary bones of your psyche. Do not be domesticated by the news. Stay savage in your intellect and scan the horizon for both sunlit and stormy stories of humanity. Stay wild in your desire to feel truly alive.

photo taken on my walk

photo taken on my walk