Our Word: The Collective Guide to Intuitive Writing

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I’m going to be teaching week five of this intuitive writing course. I was asked to come up with a brief bio and also address “WHY I WRITE.” Here’s what I came up with:

While my background is in the field of art education, I started out as an English major. Growing up in a mid-western family, early on I began to –



Actually, here’s my deal: I started out as a pile of hydrogen and helium before it went supernova and carbon showed up. Fast forward like ten billion years and now I am a teacher, but not in a classroom. I’m an artist: a slut of all media. I’m a mother to a few thousand children none of whom passed through my birth canal. I have seen some heavy shit in my life, and I’m pretty sure my soul signed up for all of it. I spend most of my time figuring out what I’m going to eat, making things with my hands, and becoming acquainted with the nature of my true essence. I write about business, purpose, “mental illness” [superpowers] and fortunately, despite being pretty cute and fairly gifted, decided long ago it was more important to be of service than to be “somebody.” I believe all relationships are assignments. And sometimes, under cover of stars, gazing at my beloved, I wonder if art is the only thing that truly matters.

Writing is a conversation with myself about the things that matter most. Uh, to me anyway. It’s so closely tied to my need for imagery, to illustration, lettering, journaling, drawing, scribbling. Like many writers, it’s a way to get clear on how I feel and what I think. And anyway, words are FUCKED UP, right? How can words be funny (hippopotamus, Fresca, canoodle) and also be so lyrical (desultory, elixir, penumbra) –

I mean, how can the word LOVELY be more beautiful than the word BEAUTIFUL?

It’s crazy! How can I spew a bunch of squiggly-ass shapes onto a page and you MAGICALLY UNDERSTAND THEM and can SEE WHAT’S IN MY BRAIN?!

That’s just psychedelic, a miracle. And I dig miracles. In this way, writing makes me happy. The origin of the word “miracle” comes from the Sanskrit word for smile.

I would love it if you’d join us.

I’ll be guiding writing exercises to hone your VISION.

It will be like Yoko Ono meets Natalie Goldberg. Only weirder.

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