Squam, Mixed Media Heaven + Life Book Giveaway!

It feels so good to be teaching again.

I just returned from teaching at Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire where I taught a dreamcatcher workshop at the very end of the retreat. It was super cozy, with fireplaces everywhere but the lake was still warm enough we were able to jump in. It was a cozy crafter’s paradise: like the Dirty Dancing lodge meets the J.Jill catalog. My little workshop had almost more folks than I could handle, and I was super impressed with the quality and originality of pieces that were created. There were even a few tears. I was lucky enough to be able to take Courtney Cerruti’s mixed media class and made the singing bear and hamsa art below. I learned all kinds of image transfer techniques and highly recommend her books if you’re into art journals or mixed media. It was so much fun to try a whole new way of creating art. To be honest, I have been thinking about branching out into new forms of art for some time now. A friend of mine is an illustrator and she has just taken on some new illustration jobs and has inspired me to give illustrating a try. She is very lucky as she gets to work from home. I would love to illustrate my own book one day! And yes, that’s E.E. Cummings’s grave site in Boston at the end. It’s tiny!

Squam Lake Panorama

Speaking of mixed media, I’m going to be teaching at Life Book, an amazing year-long journey at the end of which you have enough video and bonus lessons from the 26 world-class teachers (like Alena Hennessy, Lynzee Lynx, Flora Bowley, and Jessica Swift to name a few) to document your year’s journey in a visual format. Registration opens on October 6th and the course begins on January 1st, 2015.

I’m giving away one spot to Life Book 2015 which you can enter by leaving a comment on my Facebook post HERE.

I’ll choose a winner at random at midnight tonight (9/18) PCT and will announce it under the post in the comments. Each teacher is giving away a spot in their Blog Hop, so check out the schedule and enter — it’s a wonderful way to learn new mixed media techniques, be part of a beautiful community, and have a treasure to last a lifetime. I hope you join us!


:: Life Book Teacher Line Up + Blog Hop Giveaway ::

8th September 2014 – Tamara Laporte – http://www.willowing.org/
9th September 2014 – Jane Davenport – http://janedavenport.com/
10th September 2014 – Joanne Sharpe – http://joannezsharpe.blogspot.co.uk/
11th September 2014 – Jenny Lee Wentworth – http://jennyleewentworth.blogspot.co.uk/
12th September 2014 – Violette Clark – http://www.violette.ca/
13th September 2014 – Chris Zydel – http://creativejuicesarts.com/
14th September 2014 – Danielle Donaldson – http://danielledonaldson.com/
15th September 2014 – Effy Wild – http://effywild.com/
16th September 2014 – Flora Bowley – http://florabowley.com
17th September 2014 – Alisa Burke – http://alisaburke.blogspot.co.uk/
18th September 2014 – Rachael Rice – http://rachaelrice.com/ <- YOU ARE HERE
19th September 2014 – Jeanne Oliver – http://www.jeanneoliverdesigns.com/
20th September 2014 – Andrea Gomoll – http://andrea-gomoll.de/
21st September 2014 – Kristin van Valkenburgh – http://www.kristinvanvalkenburgh.com/
22nd September 2014 – Jill K. Berry – http://jillberrydesign.com/
23rd September 2014 – Alena Hennessy – http://www.alenahennessy.com/
24th September 2014 – Juliette Crane – http://www.juliettecrane.com/
25th September 2014 – Jenny Doh – http://blog.crescendoh.com/crescendoh/
26th September 2014 – Mati Rose McDonough – http://www.matirose.com/
27th September 2014 – Patti Ballard – http://www.pbsartstudio.com
28th September 2014 – Lynzee Lynx – http://lynzeelynx.com/
29th September 2014 – Roben Marie Smith – http://www.robenmarie.com/
30th September 2014 – Andrea Schroeder – http://www.creativedreamincubator.com/
1st October 2014 – Lynn Whipple – http://www.lynnwhipple.com/
2nd October 2014 – Donna Downey – http://www.donnadowney.com/