The Sacred NO + Spectrum GIVEAWAY

Being outraged all the time is exhausting. It can make you numb with grief.


Driving down the New Jersey Turnpike, past the factories heaving waste into the sky, and you wonder HOW CAN THIS GO ON ONE MORE SECOND.


Three friends text you, “Girl, when can we hang out?” OH GOD.


Another email comes asking for a discount or for you do to a gig for “exposure” or to give away your art for free. That’s annoying as fuck [helurr, people die from exposure] so you zone out on Facebook but there’s yet ANOTHER unarmed black man shot 6 times in the back auto-playing on video and you’ve actually lost track of how many times it’s happened, and suddenly despair is your new BFF and gratitude is for suckers.


So in a fit of paralysis you eat like 12 macaroons.


The demands made on the human organism’s attention span have never been higher, and at the same time there is a surfeit of options for distracting ourselves, satisfying unnamable thirsts, and buying our way out of the abyss.

So much about the kind of world we want to say yes to is determined by what we reject.


Saying no to stuff isn’t easy. Particularly for women. I’m going to assume you’re an evolved person and know that already.


Saying no to to stuff that’s popular like, say, brunch or capitalism is even harder.


photo I took at a #blacklivesmatter protest in Portland


There’s evidence that direct actions of NO are more effective than “big picture” approaches involving public policy or legislation.


It takes a lot of energy to say no.


It’s a like a muscle. It’s a discipline — a meditation even. It’s not about making yourself the center of the universe, it’s about being willing to be uncomfortable in the short term so you win the long game. Sustainable personal conduct = sustainable planet.


It’s about discernment…and digestion. And since every bit of information we need to evaluate comes through our body, it’s with the body’s wisdom we can make the best decisions. And have enough energy to push back on the toxic forces be they pipelines or your coworkers.


I’m teaching some somatic exercises with an accompanying life map to help you identify the areas in which you’re not flexing your no muscle hard enough. It’s part of the Spectrum Holistic Creative Circle that opens May 1st and I’m giving away a spot over on my Facebook page.  Just leave a comment about something that’s on your To Don’t list.




Inside the sacred no is a much bigger YES.


I’ll pick a winner by midnight Pacific on 4/26.


For more about Spectrum, here’s a little video:

Shout out to Roger Peet for the Earth First Journal article.