Rachael’s marketing acumen is at a very high level. She understands marketing, branding and the power of image. Her personal energy and people skills enable her to manifest her ideas and projects. ~Lisa Lepine, Pro-Motion Queen


Rachael Rice has been of invaluable assistance for many aspects of my music business. I am most appreciative of the opportunity to work with her and her unique combination of skills and talents. Rachael blends her public relations savvy with her many technological and artistic skills, also using her abundant creativity as a visual artist, singer, musician, songwriter, poet, photographer and more. Thank you, Rachael. ~Carol Hausner, singer-songwriter, Bramblewood Music.


Carol is a true songbird.  I’ve got pipes, but this gal’s got that high lonesome sound you hear from generations of mountain living.  I love her music and am grateful to have been able to work with her.  May we share a stage again someday!

Carol and Rachael at Langdon Street Cafe in Montpelier, Vermont

Carol and I sharing the stage at Langdon Street Cafe in Montpelier, Vermont. Photo by Erika Mitchell.


“Rachael is a spark plug – creative, energetic, and fun to work with. She comes up with new ideas for outreach and fundraising and has the follow-through to make them happen. Any organization would be lucky to have her. I recommend her enthusiastically!” ~Gwendolyn Hallsmith,  Director of Planning and Community Development, City of Montpelier.  Executive Director, Global Community Initiatives.  Sustainable community development specialist and author of Creating Wealth; Growing Local Economies with Local Currencies.


Well if I’m a spark plug, Gwen is an absolute powerhouse! (Has she told you about moving to Kazakhstan with a piano?) She’s a a genius at developing innovative solutions for sustainable communities. Once, she told me “I choose to put all my energy into building the systems we’ll need when the ones we have collapse.” I’ve never forgotten that.

“The main thing I want to say about Rachael is all you have to do is turn her loose and watch her go!  She’s a dynamo and anything that she wants to do, she’ll do with a passion and a dedication seldom seen in most.  In the long time that I’ve known her, I’ve seen her work in many capacities: promotion, outreach, public relations, events planning, fundraising, etc.  With each new endeavor, she has gone above and beyond to connect with people and to educate in a manner that is creative and engaging.

“I’ve never known someone who has the dedication and integrity that Rachael has, and the pure passion when it comes to pursuing something that is exciting and challenging to her.”  ~Bec Stupak, Artist, Actor, Director, HoneyGun Labs.

Bec is the only person I know who could convince me to install “alien pods” in a field at my school (Goddard College), and get the President to let us send out a notice to students on letterhead that aliens had colonized the campus.  One of the most prolific and inspiring artists I know — she does it all!  I’m grateful to her for supporting my transition as a full-time artist.

Bec and I at Goddard

Bec and I at the Alien Pod art opening. We made our dresses.


“Rachael is a very creative, high energy individual with great social media skills and a deep and passionate interest in the creative and performing arts (music, crafts and photography spring to mind). She has devoted significant energy and time to organizations that help the disadvantaged and elderly and has an abiding sense of fairness in a world full of inequalities. It has been my pleasure to work with her on a few projects and I can recommend her without hesitation or reservation as one who will energize and improve any organization or project fortunate enough to have her attention and talents.” ~Shawn Bryan, President of Montpelier Alive; Vice President – Corporate Services Operations & Interim CIO, National Life Group.


Shawn is very special: a real Republican with a heart of gold who cares about the planet and country music.  I’m sure I’ve gotten more out of my time with him than he has from me, and I value his experience and wisdom tremendously.

“Rachael did a fantastic job for us in Brookfield both as a long-term sub and as an art teacher. She is learner centered and student focused, and her warmth and style promote engagement and learning for all children. She also made significant contributions to the climate of the school and promoted activities across traditional content areas to support learning. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.” ~Bob Rosane, Principal Brookfield Elementary School; Superintendent Franklin Central Supervisory Union.


I’ve spent a lot of time teaching art in a lot of schools, but my artist-in-residence at Brookfield inspired me to go back to classroom teaching.  Bob was no small part of that, being a Principal who was also a teacher (jackpot!) — and really understood the creative potential of his teachers and his students. I hope our paths cross again.

“Rachael is a creative, dynamic designer with an acuity for visual graphics work and taking those talents out into the community in innovative ways to provide outreach and development , in particular by utilizing social networking media. She would be an asset to any cutting edge company who is looking for outside the box, interesting visual design and media recognition.” ~Suki Ciappara, Liliquoi Designs & Malama Healing Arts at Suki Healing Arts; Program Director of Reach Care Bank.


Group photo with Rachael & Suki

One of many community-based arts events Suki and I did together. She’s in the middle with two hearts, I’m hiding on her left.


Photo I took of Suki at the City Hall Centennial

Here’s a photo I took of Suki at an event I coordinated: the Montpelier City Hall Centennial


Suki is a dear friend, amazing colleague, and genuine bad-ass artist and healer of the highest caliber. She’s done everything from being a professional chef to rock stars on cruise ships to teaching needle felting to women in prison. Suki and I have teamed up in many contexts, from teaching children with disabilities to running a start-up non-profit (we’ve raised some hell along the way too, it must be said) — some day we will abandon civilization to run a mobile art shop out of a vintage camper on an island.

“Rachael is outspoken, keenly intelligent, fiercely artistic, and an excellent teacher. Whatever it is that you’re thinking of asking her to do, she’s on it. No problem.” ~Paul Griffith, Gallery Coordinator at Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.


Paul Griffith defies physics

Paul uses his powers for good, not evil


Paul is an incredibly talented musician, teacher, IT guy, theater director, and A triple Plus uber-geek. He’s also freaking hilarious, and brings a huge heart to all his work.

In 5th grade you commented on my report card saying I had imagination and creativity. You are one of the only people to see that in me in that time in my life, and now that I’m shining with my photography I want you to know you are a huge inspiration and a huge thank you goes out to you and the fact that you could see that in me and supported me all along♥ ~Shelby Harrison, Lighthouse Photography, former student.


Ok, this is the kind of stuff that chokes me up.  Shelby, I love watching you grow and I’m grateful that I continue to be in your life.  It’s one thing to have the soul of an artist, it’s quite another to bust your ass producing more of it and getting better at it, no matter what.


You can read full endorsements on my LinkedIn page.

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