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Bloom True Bali

I went to Bali for a month in March and April to assist with two transformational intuitive painting retreats. It was my first time in Asia and it took nearly 30 hours to get there. I don’t know how to describe the heat and humidity other than to say that even my Viking ancestors were sweating. Hauling around a 600g uterus… Read more →


Beloved Festival. It was my first time. I was able to attend this year because I was invited to install some dreamcatchers on the Sufi Path.  I camped with Flora Bowley and Lynzee Lynx — you’ll see the live painting photos below. I had been to Bread & Puppet several times in Glover, Vermont. The vibe was similar, yet dramatically… Read more →

Blow Me: Spring is Here.

Spring = dandelions = juice cleanses (how is eating LESS food MORE expensive, dang) = open windows (/mold) = bike rides = this happens in Portland = I still prefer to stay inside and make shit = fuck, I’ve been sitting down for like, 5 months I feel more pressure when it’s sunny, like I should go for a run… Read more →

Saint Lucia III

My little sister and I went to St. Lucia to visit our dad, who was running an organic farm there. Here is a photo I took of her, and a few more with a gallery of images. To see all the photos from my trip, click here: I took this photo of my sister at Jade Mountain Resort: Read more →

Everything is amazing.

Fall is my favorite. It was my mother’s favorite, too. In Vermont, there was a riot of color, sometimes only for a week or so, before trees went skeletal and winter set in for 6 or 7 months. So it was a bitter sweet time, and here in Oregon, it just seems to go on and on. It’s…amazing. I had… Read more →

sculptures by rachael rice

rachael rice on free people blog

rachael rice on freepeople blog sweeeet.  got a guest artist spot over on the always-inspiring free people blog. i love sharing how to make stuff. here’s a basic way to make a little dream catcher. riffing on the round object with danglies (found in every culture) i’ve been (finally) finding uses for my slightly embarrassing doily collection. also featured here… Read more →

terrarium interior

diy terrariums

…terraria?!  i made mine by getting some activated charcoal from the pet store, and put a layer of that, a layer of pebbles, a layer of soil, and tromped around the woods for fun mosses and whatnot.  i even made a tiny one out of a horseradish jar.   Read more →

holiday nature ornaments with deer and butterfly

another in a long series of deer-obsession pieces…a project for a snowy afternoon in Vermont: holiday nature ornaments.  these look pretty nice even though they’re plastic and not glass.   I used some scrap sheepskin but cotton batting would work too.  Craft foliage and random little animals are so cute — if I had more globes I would put in some… Read more →