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I’ve spent some time downtown at the Occupy Portland camp.  And I marched on October 5th.  It’s inspiring to see so many people joining together to reject an economic system that supports corporate personhood, bank bailouts, speculative debt mongering, and waging war on the poor.  FYEAH!  Here are some of my photos.  You can see the complete set on my… Read more →

Sugar Skull makeup self portrait

Days of the Dead

I lived in Mexico for a semester in college.  It was right after my mom passed away (she was a hospice nurse and was 49 when she died, but that’s another story).  I was in Mexico City, and also Oaxaca. I spent some time at Frida Kahlo’s house in Coyoacan, and wept next to her bed where her body cast… Read more →

succulents in shoes

Featured Artist for Alberta Main Street

The Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon is an amazing neighborhood full of awesome restaurants, the best ice cream I’ve ever had, and a “Last Thursdays on Alberta” event that is like a mix of Commercial Street in Provincetown and uhhh…Burning Man?  It’s a carnival atmosphere that is largely self-regulated, with the help of Alberta Main Street’s community organization. You… Read more →