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Bloom True Bali

I went to Bali for a month in March and April to assist with two transformational intuitive painting retreats. It was my first time in Asia and it took nearly 30 hours to get there. I don’t know how to describe the heat and humidity other than to say that even my Viking ancestors were sweating. Hauling around a 600g uterus… Read more →


Beloved Festival. It was my first time. I was able to attend this year because I was invited to install some dreamcatchers on the Sufi Path.  I camped with Flora Bowley and Lynzee Lynx — you’ll see the live painting photos below. I had been to Bread & Puppet several times in Glover, Vermont. The vibe was similar, yet dramatically… Read more →

Saint Lucia III

My little sister and I went to St. Lucia to visit our dad, who was running an organic farm there. Here is a photo I took of her, and a few more with a gallery of images. To see all the photos from my trip, click here: I took this photo of my sister at Jade Mountain Resort: Read more →

Oregon Coast

In August Dan and I went on a little camping trip to the Oregon Coast at Fort Stevens State Park. We happened upon a Civil War reenactment (uhh, ok) and went to Astoria. It was a real hoot. Shortly thereafter it got really hot one more time and we finally got to visit Sauvie’s Island.       Read more →

Island Time Hawaii: Big Island

About a month after coming back from St. Lucia, I had an opportunity to go to Big Island with a client who wanted me to teach her about music performance, harmony singing, and accompaniment. I had never been to Hawaii before…we stayed in Kona, near the beach, and got to drive around the island before we left after 10 days… Read more →

Island Time Caribbean: Saint Lucia

I visited my dad in St. Lucia where he runs a little organic farm that supplies a local resort with their fruits and flowers and veggies. This was my second time on this island. I love the wildness of this place, and the people. At one point, I heard George Jones wafting through the jungle. Apparently country music (the real… Read more →

Portland, Oregon tour!

So Dan Haley, Noah Hahn and I are out in PDX playing some shows as a trio…mostly as “Mister Casual” at the Laurelthirst Public House but also some Cosmic American stuff thrown in here and there.  We’re packed in a VW bus which just today ran out of gas, so we got in a different VW bus to get to… Read more →

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