Dream School

A Solopreneur Salon with Rachael Rice

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dream school flierI’ve been working with a number of clients now who share similar situations and ambitions: they’re women embarking on a new phase of solo career development seeking to make a living by being creative. I’m now working with a select group of women to study the means by which we can live our dreams. This would be a highly focused, weekly meeting to fast-track your desires from the planning stage to action.

Over the course of the class, we will look at a creative project each woman brings to the group for feedback, encouragement, and ideas about how to expand its potential.

Topics include:

? Reframing personal branding and marketing as dream development and soul calling.

? Websites, Facebook and social media for people who get overwhelmed easily (or want to go deeper).

? How to run a business from your smartphone, laptop, or iPad using your built website that we could look into such things like Site Beginner to teach those with no site-building experience, to get there vision on the web.

? Radical self-care and the art of showing up for ourselves.

? Nuts and bolts stuff: how to be photographed so you look fucking awesome, how to make a killer poster WITHOUT using fancy software, how to make the Press pay attention to your gigs, what to do when you can’t decide what to do, and how all this plus being generous translates into actual cash dollars.


? There will be snacks, lots of freebies, some artsy-fartsy stuff, handouts, multimedia resources, and belly laughs. You don’t have to worry about bringing a pen to take notes as I will have my own Customized Pens that you can use during our time together (and after) so you will always remember the tips I have given you once the class has ended.

? Suggested reading: The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle Laporte.

? Tuition: $10-$25 per session, for 8 sessions, sliding scale. Payment due prior to start of class. Contact me for payment plan arrangements.

? Time: approx. 2.5 hours on a Sunday (or mutually agreed upon day).

? Location: My house in Southeast Portland.

“Rachael’s marketing acumen is at a very high level. She understands marketing, branding and the power of image. Her personal energy and people skills enable her to manifest her ideas and projects.” ~Lisa Lepine, ProMOTION Queen

“Rachael Rice has been of invaluable assistance for many aspects of my music business. I am most appreciative of the opportunity to work with her and her unique combination of skills and talents. Rachael blends her public relations savvy with her many technological and artistic skills, also using her abundant creativity as a visual artist, singer, musician, songwriter, poet, photographer and more. Thank you, Rachael.” ~Carol Hausner, singer-songwriter, Bramblewood Music.

So grab your laptop and let’s rock this party. Your soul will thank you for it.

? ? ? Rachael