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short bio

Rachael Rice is an artist, writer, and end-of-life caregiver who crafts scroll-stopping content for people who want to shape change.*

Her work supports movements that bring us closer to the kind of world we wish to inhabit. Her brand strategy acumen and copywriting chops are part of the team at, and she freelances over at

A neurodivergent queer person navigating chronic health issues and broadly coded as a white cis woman, Rachael is of primarily Swedish descent, with Scottish, Irish, French, German and English ancestry living and loving with her partner whose income supports her work on the lands of the Chinook in Portland, Oregon.

She works in a dozen kinds of media, plays four instruments, speaks three languages, parents two children, and hollers at one cat, usually not all at once.

*phrase credit - Octavia Butler

long bio

From wherever you are on this good green earth to where I am, here in a boreal forest on the lands of the Chinook in a place called Portland, Oregon and from my people to yours,


Here might be a place you came to know about me or my work.

I come from white settler-colonizers, migrants to the Ohio River Valley as landless farmers from Sweden: places like Småland, Skåne, Dalarna and Götaland. My people were largely Scandinavian and Scottish Highlanders, Ross Clan; with a good dose of Irish, French, German and English.


Cultural bio:

I grew up with two married, working parents (my mother was a hospice nurse, my father a Vietnam War vet and student of plant physiology) in central Oklahoma. I do not come from family money of any sort and did put cardboard in my shoes as a child when they got holes, but then my dad finished his doctorate and my parents became “upwardly mobile” and moved to the suburbs.

I lived on the East Coast spending some years in the NJ-NYC area and then settled for a long while in Vermont, where I taught public school art and community-based arts after attending Goddard College before landing in the PNW in 2011 as a full-time creative.

I have been a waitress, a blogger, a substitute teacher, a death worker, a house painter, a muralist, a website designer; I have worked as an ad sales rep, in retail, in ski lodges and diners and in so many schools from Telluride to Montpelier to Brooklyn. My undergrad studies centered on gender equity in the classroom and the role of public art in socio-political change.

A semi-retired performer, I’ve written and recorded music, played as a solo artist, with duos, trios, rock bands, country bands, wedding bands, all-girl bands, tribute bands and have shared the stage with legends whose amps I wasn’t qualified to carry.
I have sung for my supper, for fundraisers and for Bernie Sanders.
I currently study Daoist cosmology + martial arts, and have been a hospice volunteer with Legacy Emmanuel Hospital since 2017.


  • Myers Briggs: INFJ
  • Enneagram: 4/8
  • Human Design: Projector
  • Learning Style (Gregorc): Concrete Random
  • Chinese Polestar: Yin Fire Snake
  • Zodiac: ☉ = Pisces, Asc = Sagittarius, ☽ = Aquarius


I think earning to mae is necesary i you wish to know hw to dimantle.


As a death worker,

it’s my job to study consequence and elderhood.

As an artist,

it’s my duty to reflect the times.

Time being non-linear,

a lot of my work is for a time past and yet to come.

"cultural bio" informed by Desiree Adaway

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